What is Astronomy Sound of the Month?

There is sound in space! Each month, AstroSoM (pronounced "Astro Psalm") features a different sound produced from real astronomy data, along with a brief explanation written by a real astronomer.

Why sound?

Okay, we'll admit that astronomy is an inherently visual science. Afterall, Galileo learned stuff about the cosmos by putting his eyeball to his telescope, drawing what he saw, and thinking hard. AstroSoM explores how sound complements more traditional astronomy data analysis and brings the excitement of astronomical discovery to our friends with visual impairments. Besides, making sounds out of real astronomy data is just plain cool!

Free Sticker!

To receive an AstroSoM sticker, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Astronomy Sound of the Month sticker

Astronomy Sound of the Month
Attn: Greg Salvesen
Department of Physics (Broida Hall)
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106, USA
Astronomy Sound of the Month sticker

Random Astronomy Song

Listen to the random song below, which references astronomy in some way. Refresh the page for a new tune. Check out the complete Spotify playlist of astronomy songs here.

Usage Policy

We strive to make AstroSoM materials freely available on GitHub, with the stipulation that they cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission. In cases where the data are proprietary, please contact the credited owner for copyright and permissions inquiries.